You have entrusted your safety or that of someone you love to a professional.  If the result of the service you received was injury due to substandard care, either physically or mentally, or both, you may have grounds to file professional malpractice lawsuit.

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What is Medical Malpractice and how an Attorney Can Help

Massachusetts law concerning professional malpractice states that a mistake that causes injury is malpractice if it would not have been made by the average professional in that field.  In other words, the attorney or doctor or other professional was negligent.  That negligence might have been the failure to do something, or having done something that should not have been done.

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Fight for Justice with a Legal Malpractice Attorney

Examples of legal malpractice include the failure to file suit within the statute of limitations or the dismissal of a claim because it was not diligently pursued.  Legal malpractice claims are actually two claims in one.  There must be proof not only that the attorney was negligent, but also that the negligence caused damage, such as the loss of a case.  Because of that, there must also be proof that the first case would have been successful.

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