Our practice has over a quarter of a century experience and concentrates in two main areas: personal injury claims and divorce and family law.

Within the area of personal injury claims, we have successfully handled many different types of cases including:

Part of many of such cases include claims against insurance companies for bad faith settlement practices. Insurance companies in all states are obligated to settle claims fairly. Different states apply different standards and provide different penalties. Massachusetts has an Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, the heart of which obligates insurance companies to make fair settlement offers promptly when it becomes reasonable clear that their insureds are responsible and the amount of damage is known. Attorney Hailey wrote the law (Chapter 580 of the Acts of 1989) that put the teeth into the penalty provision. He also handled the first reported case that applied the new penalty provision (it was in the federal court) and has handled many since then, at trial and in the appellate courts.

If you're choosing an attorney to handle your personal injury claim and you want one who knows how to put the fire under the feet of insurance companies, call attorney Hailey.