Injured PersonAmong the large number of professional malpractice claims filed every year, over 35,000 are related to legal malpractice. Even the best attorneys can make mistakes that damage their client's case. Because of this, it is important that there exist legal malpractice attorneys who possess the knowledge and experience required to fight these errors successfully.  Attorney Hailey has represented victims of legal malpractice for over 30 years and can help you fight to get justice and the compensation you deserve.

Causes for Legal Malpractice Cases

The most common ways that legal ethics and malpractice cases arise are when an attorney causes harm to a client because of negligence, a breach of contract or a breach of fiduciary duty:

  • Negligence occurs when an attorney commits an error that no professional legal representative should make apart from poor legal strategy, or simple carelessness.  A common example of this is when an attorney does not file a legal document in court on time which results in harm to a client.  An attorney who accepts a case guarantees that he is able to handle the case at least as well as the average qualified attorney who practices that type of law.  Failure to provide legal services up to that standard is legal malpractice.  A stricter standard applies to attorneys who hold themselves out as specialists in a particular area of law.
  • Breach of Contract may be grounds for a legal malpractice case when an attorney breaches a contract that they have signed with a client.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty is when lawyers act in their own best interests instead of those of their clients. An example of this could be when a lawyer bills a client for hours not worked.

Seek Justice with an Experienced Legal Malpractice Lawyer

We at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey believe that legal malpractice undermines the foundations of our profession and we handle such claims because it improves the quality of legal services.

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