Family with Child

When child custody and visitation are contested issues, the most important issue is: "What's in the best interest of our child?" Although you might disagree on many issues, most parents usually agree that what is best for children is extremely important. When you are trying to fight for your rights as a parent, contact a child custody attorney at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey.  We can help you determine what a court is likely to conclude what is in the best interest of a child based on the relevant facts and then work toward achieving an appropriate agreement, if possible, or litigate, if necessary.

Child Custody Factors in Massachusetts

In making a decision about the custody of children, the rights of the parents will, in the absence of misconduct, be held to be equal.  The happiness and welfare of the children will determine their custody. When considering the happiness and welfare of the child, courts consider whether or not the child's present or past living conditions adversely affect or promote their physical, mental, moral and emotional health.

A Child Custody Lawyer Can Help You Fight for Your Rights

Generally, courts assume (in the absence of reason to the contrary) that the best interests of a child are served by having continuing and frequent contact with both parents. If one parent attempts to undermine the relationship between the child and the other parent, this factor will be seriously considered in determining custody or additional visitation to the other parent.  Proving this can be difficult without a child custody attorney. Contact an experienced family lawyer  from The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey.

When you are fighting for your rights in a child custody divorce dispute in Boston, contact a child custody lawyer at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey.  The earlier in the process that you speak with an attorney, the better. You may hurt your case substantially otherwise.

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