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Bill to his mother:

"Hans is an overachiever, and there are not many like him Mom. Hans is very honest, and I am fortunate for knowing him."


William & Laura

Tried the big guys in BOSTON but they backed away and would not take our case! Hans Hailey was the first of 32 attorneys to take our son's case, and never gave up or in! He fought every decision and stood tall for 13 long years, and did not back down against the court system. We are eternally grateful to Hans, a true hero and superman for our son! Highly recommended to all people against the toughest fight of their life for justice, and truth be told!!


Thomas M. Bond, Esq.

Hans, congratulations! I remember the late Tom Lambert speaking at an ATLA [American Trial Lawyer’s Association] seminar many years ago and applauding the efforts of an attorney who took a very small dollar value case where an obvious wrong had been done. No other attorney wanted the case because there wasn't enough money involved. The lawyer won the case and was awarded punitive damages and a huge award for attorney's fees. Tom Lambert called this lawyer a true "ATLA stalwart" whose conduct was "courageous". He also said that "the most practical device for reducing bad faith insurance skullduggery is to make it extremely costly to the companies: to make bad faith bad business." (He also used a few other words that I had to look up in the dictionary.)

So in the spirit of Tom Lambert, YOU are a true ATLA stalwart, Hans!



Poem for Hans Hailey:

Hans Hailey is the best that you'll find.
If you want a great lawyer, he's one of a kind.

He's kind and thoughtful and sharp as a tack.
If you want someone thorough he's a real cracker jack.

He's been interviewed by the press and published a good book.
He's fair and he's honest and can outsmart any crook.

I feel I've known Hans for a very long time.
And will always consider him a good friend of mine.


Dear Hans,

Well, thanks to you, I'll always consider this Christmas, 1994 as special! I've said to a number of friends that when I chose to separate from Dick in 1988 - I knew it would be a long and difficult process.

I wanted to let you know that I can't imagine any other lawyer handling this case with such precision. During the vacation week I've had to pinch myself a few times and my "yes" it's really over.

I really admire not only your legal skills but also your courtesy, scrupulous honesty and advice.

Here's to a great 1995. I'll recommend you to all my friends and know we'll stay in touch. Fondly. Kathy.


I sincerely thank you for delivering in our crisis! I was overly impressed that you consented to represent us and immediately inquired if any task had to be performed immediately (Impressive.)

I appreciate the fact that you received my many calls late Thursday night and Friday during the day, delivering as you had stated.

I thank you for rearranging your taxing schedule and working so late Thursday night and allowing me to interrupt.



Dear Hans,

Thank you very so much for your efforts to resolve my case with successful results. I am most appreciative of your efforts. Thank you for working hard on my behalf.