Divorce Modifications LawyerJust when you think you can move on with your life after your divorce, your circumstances change. You may have lost your job or received a promotion. Whatever your new circumstances are, the amounts paid might not match your current situation.

If one or both party's circumstances change, warranting a divorce modification, you will need the help of a family law attorney to modify a judgment. Contact the divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey to help you fight for fair modifications.

How do you File for a Divorce Modification?

Divorce modifications are done by filing a complaint about the terms of the judgment you want to change.

However, when both parties agree on the change, a complaint for modification is filed with an agreement for judgment. A hearing is scheduled for the judge to confirm the parties' agreement on the record and enter the agreement as an order of the court.

Modifying Child Support

If you owe child support but your income drops, you should contact a divorce lawyer immediately.  A child support payment becomes a judgment each time a payment is due.  Therefore, unpaid child support builds up.  Here's the crucial thing: a court has no authority to decrease the amount of child support owed prior to the time that a complaint for modification is both filed and served.  To stop the support from continuing to build, a complaint must be filed and served as soon as possible.  Even if the person receiving the support agrees to suspend the support, or decrease it, only the court can modify the order and full amount of support is nevertheless due.

Modify Your Judgment in with a Divorce Lawyer

In Massachusetts, regardless of whether a divorce is resolved by an agreement between the parties or by judicial order, the court always retains jurisdiction over child-related issues. Parties may file a Joint Petition for Modification of Child Support with the necessary financial documents. The change will be done administratively, and no court appearance is necessary, but the change will become a court order.

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