Insurance ClaimsAutomobile insurance is supposed to provide coverage in the event of an accident. But, let's face it: insurance companies are in business to make profits. They do not always live up to their obligations, even though they collect the premiums and are supposed to pay if the claim is covered. When you feel like you are owed more than you were offered, contact an attorney very experienced in making insurance companies pay legitimate claims.  Contact The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey.

Why You Need an Attorney's Help with your Insurance Claim

Insurance companies often throw up many roadblocks to try to avoid paying valid claims.  A preliminary defense might be to challenge coverage in the first place.  The most common tactic is simply to delay processing the claim and then offer substantially less than what might be fair to settle the claim.  Unlawful as it is, offering an unfairly low settlement is good business; it saves money in the long run at consumers' expense.

If you are frustrated enough, maybe you won't go through with the claim, or might delay filing it in court until after the statute of limitations expires.

Massachusetts Auto Accident & Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Fortunately in Massachusetts, statutes obligate companies to deal in good faith when handling auto accident / personal injury insurance claims. Good faith is defined in several ways. For example, an insurance company:

  • May not delay in responding to claims,
  • May not misrepresent relevant facts or policy provisions relating to the claim,
  • Or deny a claim without conducting an appropriate investigation.

One very important part of this law requires insurance companies to make a fair offer of settlement once liability becomes reasonably clear.

Violating these obligations also violates the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. For more information, speak to a lawyer about your car accident insurance claim.  Contact The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey.

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