Construction Worker

A construction-related personal injury can be devastating, not only to the person hurt, but to his or her family as well. Income slows or stops and bills get backed up while the family turns its attention from normal everyday activities to the wounded person. When you or a loved one have been injured as the result of a construction-related accident, contact the attorneys at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey.

Your Rights after a Construction Related Personal Injury

An employee is entitled to workers' compensation benefits and thereby not entitled to make any other claims against the employer. But workers' compensation benefits are very limited; they only pay a small portion of lost wages and provide little to compensate for pain and suffering or loss of function.

If for some reason the employer did not provide workers' compensation coverage, then the employee would have a direct claim against the employer. Such a claim may include not only lost wages, but also a fair amount to compensate for loss of function, permanent disability, pain and suffering, among other losses.

Other claims may also be possible. Often, there are other contractors or subcontractors on the job site, and their presence may result in injuries. In those circumstances, additional claims may be made. An experienced construction accident injury lawyer at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey can help to determine if you have claims against others.

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