Sad ChildGoing through a divorce can be very painful no matter your circumstances. You might be worried about how your situation will affect the rest of your life—your children, friends, job and extended family. With so many questions, it gets hard to start answering them without help.

To make sure your rights are always being protected, it's best to seek help from a divorce law firm. The experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Hans R. Hailey are here to help.

When You Need a Divorce Attorney

If you are not sure to what rights you are entitled to, a divorce attorney from The Law Offices of Hans R. Hailey.   We can provide answers. We can ensure that you are covering all issues and can help you come to agreements that are mutually beneficial.  Contact us today.

Some Misconceptions about Family Law Divorce Law

Divorce can get messy no matter how amicable you are when the process begins. Some common misconceptions about divorce in include:

  • It is an uncontested divorce, so it'll be a quick and easy process. A divorce raises many issues relating to children, support and property division, among other issues. The parties may agree that the marriage is over, but that does not resolve the other issues that can potentially lengthen the divorce process.
  • I can prevent my spouse from getting a divorce. The fact is that each party is entitled to a divorce simply by standing up in court and telling the judge that the marriage is over. Under no-fault divorce laws, divorce is a unilateral decision.
  • I earned all the money, so I should get all the property. Massachusetts is an equitable division state. Basically, that means that the property is divided fairly between both parties. Who earned the money is one of seventeen factors that get considered in dividing marital property.
  • My spouse had an affair, so he/she won't get any marital property or alimony. Neither alimony nor property division is determined according to principles of reward or punishment—  except if such misconduct affected family finances.
  • I don't really need a lawyer. The fact is that divorces can involve technical issues which must be addressed with careful understanding — like brain surgeryyou usually get only one crack at it. A divorce lawyer at a reputable family law firm can help you solve these issues.

Fight for Your Rights with a Divorce Attorney

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